La forêt sombre

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Published Dec. 15, 2017


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The Dark Forest (Chinese: 黑暗森林) is a 2008 science fiction novel by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin. It is the sequel to the Hugo Award-winning novel The Three-Body Problem in the trilogy titled "Remembrance of Earth's Past", but Chinese readers generally refer to the series by the title of the first novel. The English version, translated by Joel Martinsen, was published in 2015. The novel's title comes from the dark forest hypothesis, coined by Liu in the novel, but described by astronomer and author David Brin as early as 1983 as a possible solution to the Fermi paradox.

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Continuación de El problema de los tres cuerpos

3 stars

La historia parece centrarse en ésta ocasión en los vallados, tres hombres con plena libertad para planificar la defensa de la tierra ante la futura llegada de los extraterrestres invasores, que ocurrirá dentro de 400 años. el comienzo me está gustando, cuando lo termine actualizaré la reseña.

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