The Internet Con

How to Seize the Means of Computation


English language

Published Sept. 6, 2023 by Verso Books.


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When the tech platforms promised a future of "connection," they were lying. They said their "walled gardens" would keep us safe, but those were prison walls.

The platforms locked us into their systems and made us easy pickings, ripe for extraction. Twitter, Facebook and other Big Tech platforms hard to leave by design. They hold hostage the people we love, the communities that matter to us, the audiences and customers we rely on. The impossibility of staying connected to these people after you delete your account has nothing to do with technological limitations: it's a business strategy in service to commodifying your personal life and relationships.

We can - we must - dismantle the tech platforms. In The Internet Con, Cory Doctorow explains how to seize the means of computation, by forcing Silicon Valley to do the thing it fears most: interoperate. Interoperability will tear down the walls between technologies, …

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5 stars

Muy interesante reflexión sobre como la interoperabilidad supone la mejor opción que tenemos para romper el oligopolio de las Big Tech así como ejemplos pasados de este fenómeno para apoyar la argumentación.

Al final discute algunos temas, como luchar contra la pornografía infantil, proteger la privacidad o por qué el blockchain no arregla nada de esto, que también están muy bien argumentadas