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Participatory Action Research (Paperback, 2019, Taylor & Francis Group) No rating

To sum up, participatory mapping conducted on a small or large scale raises a basic question: how to design a methodology that gets the right information from and to the right people, the right time, in the right form, for the right reasons, and at the right cost (given the available time and resources)? Answers to this multifaceted question are bound to differ from context to context, depending on the circumstances.

Participatory Action Research by ,

Mapping (Critical Introductions to Geography) (Hardcover, 2009, Blackwell Pub) No rating

Mapping: A Critical Introduction to Cartography and GIS is an introduction to the critical issues …

First, we might clear a common misunderstanding. A critique is not a project of finding fault, but an examination of the assumptions of a field of knowledge. Its purpose is to understand and suggest alternatives to the categories of knowledge that we use. Michel Foucault, who often worked in a spirit of critique, put it this way:

"A critique does not consist in saying things aren’t good the way they are. It consists in seeing on what type of assumptions, of familiar notions, of established, unexamined ways of thinking the accepted practices are based. (Foucault 2000c: 456)"

Mapping (Critical Introductions to Geography) by 

wants to read Less Is More by Jason Hickel

Less Is More (2021, Penguin Random House) 4 stars

The world has finally awoken to the reality of climate breakdown and ecological collapse. Now …

Book recommended at Climate Cafe about degrowth: "book about the potential for interventions in the system that could have a really powerful effect on reducing carbon and improving people's lives."