The Dark Side of the Sun

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Terry Pratchett: The Dark Side of the Sun (Hardcover, 1976, St Martins Pr)


Published Dec. 21, 1976 by St Martins Pr.

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2 stars (1 review)

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A book I wanted to love but couldn't

2 stars

While I'm a big fan or Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, the first few Rincewind focused novels are my least favorite. Unfortunately this book shares not only close publication date, but also many of the traits of those early novels which I find disagreeable.

In its core this is an adventure story, with a lot of references to staples of the sci-fi genre, wrapped in a lot of clever world building ideas. However, those ideas are not given proper room to grow and develop; instead plot is propelled ever forward by silly or at times outright nonsensical events. The adventure loses any gravitas it might have had to attempts at silly humor, and I ended up not caring about the characters who felt like empty caricatures.

This is a pity because in his later works Pratchett does manage to craft some of the most wholesome fictional characters I ever encountered. And …